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Jan, 2020

Collect this info before you start and save time on your registration


You will need the following details to complete your registration. We recommend collecting this info before starting your registration to save time:

  • Medical Insurance Company
  • Insurance Policy Holder
  • Family Physician's Name
  • Family Physician's Phone Number
  • Hospital Preference
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact Phone Number
  • Emergency Contact Relationship to Player
  • Allergies/Medication: List of any allergies/medical problems including those requiring medication (ex. diabetic, nut allergy, bee sting allergy, asthma, etc.). Please include any medications, dosage, and frequency of dosage.


IMPORTANT: You DO NOT need to provide the following for registration:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Medical Release Form
  3. Residency/School Verifications (NOTE: You will still be asked for these in the application, but you do not need to upload any information. Just continue with your registration).

Those three items will now only be required for FPLL players (league ages 9-12) who are selected later in the season for Tournament Play (All Stars).

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