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Apr, 2019

20% off at Dick's Sporting Goods this weekend (April 6 & 7)

Dick's Sporting Goods, is again providing Freeport Pownal Little League with a 20% off coupon throughout their stores in Topsham and South Portland as well as online purchases this upcoming weekend: Saturday April 6 and Sunday April 7. The coupon is attached with this message.

IMPORTANT: This message is targeted for Little League players in the Tee Ball, AAA, Minor, and Major levels (ages 4-12). Other standards may apply for Junior (13 & 14) and Senior (15 & 16) and school sports programs.

We recommend that you visit the Little League website if you plan to purchase a new bat as the USA Bat standards changed in 2018. Visit…/usa-baseball-bat-standard-f…/ to learn more and make sure you make the right purchase. Most stores will only allow you to return a bat if the plastic wrap is fully intact.

If you plan to purchase a used bat from stores such as Play It Again Sports or online through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, you'll also want to consult the USA Bat standards. Don't count on the seller to know. If you purchase a bat at Play It Again Sports we recommend you get a written guarantee that it can be used for Little League in case you need to return it should it turn out to not be Little League compliant. There are still lots of "old" bats in circulation.

FYI: Freeport Pownal Little League provides baseballs, bats, catcher's gear, and helmets for use by all players. It is your choice if you wish to purchase any of those items for personal use by your child. A team hat and jersey are also provided to you as part of your registration fee.

T-Ball (ages 4-6) and AAA (ages 7-8) players will need a properly sized glove and water bottle. Cleats and baseball pants are optional. It's often a mix of cleats and sneakers; baseball pants and sweat pants at this level. Choice is yours. Play It Again Sports in Portland is often a good source for used cleats and gloves.

Minor League (ages 9-10) and Major League (ages 11-12) players will need a property sized glove, water bottle, cleats, and baseball pants (you may not know team colors by 4/6 or 4/7). Any players wanting to play the position of catcher will also need an athletic cup for protection.

When in doubt, ask a store employee to help you choose the correct size and make the best possible purchase.

Happy shopping!

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