Softball All-stars & Tournament Information

Being selected to represent our league on a all-star team is a great achievement for players.   It is also a large time commitment for the player and their families.  Maine's District 6 (Cumberland & Oxford counties) all-star tournament starts around the 2nd week of June and can end as late as mid-August (rarely) if the team makes it to the Little League World Series but typically ends around the 2nd week of July during the state or regional tournament.   There will always be traveling involved, how much is determined by which Maine district is hosting and how far the team advances in the tournament.  Below is general information about the process of selection, the tournament and what to expect. 

  • Expectations:   It is expected that all players attend every practice and every game unless otherwise excused by the coach.  Remember that once an all-star roster is submitted there are no substitutes allowed so without a full compliment of players, the team might be short-handed or have to forfeit.  There are some situations (like planned vacations) that can be excusable.  Our goal is provide as much flexibility as possible on a case by case basis. 
  • When:  Typically the 2nd week of June to the 2nd week of July, however if the team makes it to the Little League World Series they can play into August.  No team from Maine has made it past the regional tournament which ends in the middle of July.
  • Where:  The host district (see below) rotates yearly as does the regional host.  The same is true for States and Regionals.  World Series is always held in Greenville, North Carolina.
  • Practice Schedule:  The coach will ultimately determine the practice schedule but the assumption is that the team will practice nearly every night there isn't a game.  The time commitment is typically 5 to 7 days a week for 2-3 hours a day/night.
  • Game Schedule:  The game schedule is released about one week prior to the start of the tournament and can (will) change to accommodate weather.  
  • Cost:  There are a variety of factors that go into the player cost for all-stars.  At the bare minimum teams need new uniforms, including hats and patches.  Players should expect to pay between $100-$200 however the league its best to keep the costs as low as possible.  State, Regional, and World Series tournaments are most often held in locations outside of our local area. In such cases, parents are expected to pay for travel, food, and lodging for the player and family members that wish to attend the tournament. 
  • Time Commitment:  Below are the estimated dates of the different sections of the tournament.   The district tournament is double elimination.  
Division Districts States Regionals World Series
10U Minors (Ages 8/9/10) 2nd week of June through 1st week of July 2nd week of July through 4th week of July None None
12U Majors (Ages 11/12) 2nd week of June through 1st week of July 2nd week of July through 4th week of July 4th week of July through 1st week of August 2nd and 3rd weeks of August
                                        *All dates are approximate. Schedules are released the first week of June.


Important Dates and General Timeline

Although the exact dates will vary each year, below is a general template on how it works: 

May 1st - Commitment letters mailed/emailed.
May 10th - Commitment letters returned
May 20th - Selection process (more on that below)
May 25th - Players are notified of selection
May 30th - All paperwork due to the league (see paperwork)
June 1st - League presents paperwork to the district  

Documents (click to download)

 *Please note on the Tournament Player Verification Form you have choose ONE of "School Enrollment Proof" or "Residency Proof", not both.  School enrollment proof is much easier to complete by sending it with your child to school


How does the selection process work and what if I have questions?

Please see the DFPLL Softball All-Star Evaluation & Selection Process Policy which explains the process in detail and includes answers frequently asked questions.  If you have any additional questions not covered in the policy, please contact your players coach, the Softball Player Agent or the VP of Softball.

Documents (click to download)

Letter Of Intent
Tournament Player Verification Form  ---  You only have choose ONE:  "School Enrollment Proof" or "Residency Proof".
School Enrollment Proof
Medical Release Form

Who's Eligible and What Age?

Please use the chart below to find out who will be eligible in 2023.

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